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  1. bigword

    Norm and Trudy Relationship

    yeah i agree with you.. lol
  2. bigword

    Oscars 2010

    never watched before. not too bad!
  3. bigword

    Favorite Movies

    my favorite is AVATAR that's why i get in!!
  4. bigword

    Avatar Chess

    i just prefer buy novels!
  5. bigword

    Hello From Los Angeles

    welcome. just enjoy ur stay here!!
  6. bigword

    Pandora Featurette (Video)

    wow great videos... very appreciated with your efforts here!
  7. bigword

    Drawing and Video Fanart

    nice pics! thanks for sharing here! Brothers and Sisters DVD
  8. bigword

    The Avatar Hype Is Dieing

    yeah it is a bad news for me! i love him so much!!
  9. bigword

    Hello everyone

    hello and welcome! just enjoy your stay here.. i came back!
  10. bigword

    The Green Hornet

    looks like a great show. where can i watch the full for free??
  11. bigword

    I'm back

    welcome back.. i am late to say that!!
  12. bigword

    pickup artist shoots woman in face

    he is so crazy than i expected...
  13. bigword

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    i heard of it form my friend and some day i found it by google not meant to.. hehe!
  14. bigword

    James Cameron joins Twitter

    following 2! ~~
  15. bigword

    Cameron has "great ideas" for Avatar 2

    hope they will made it better and better...