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  1. illuminavi

    Adele - Rolling In The Deep

    Adele is amazing! Listen to her first album, Chasing Pavements (song) in particular. One of my all time favourites
  2. illuminavi

    Ikran's breeding habbits

    They are like pteradactyl dinosaurs or birds so I would edge towards eggs.
  3. illuminavi

    What Avatar related stuff do you have?

    Got me the LIMITED NUMBERED edition Blu-ray of which only 1,000 copied were made And more... http://illuminavi.wordpress.com/avatar-collection
  4. illuminavi

    Is Smell-O-Vision the future of 3D?

    Dude, keep it clean but for sure I think it would be great if the smells were incorporated for films.
  5. illuminavi

    cell phones

    Nokia 2730 Classic and it does me just fine. Calls, messages and Internet.
  6. illuminavi

    What Avatar related stuff do you have?

    http://illuminavi.wordpress.com/avatar-collection My Avatar Collection which I'll keep updated. Going to be adding pictures very soon!
  7. Share your world here and let us know what Avatar-related items of merchandise you have. If you have any pictures that would be even better! I will upload pictures soon, but for now here is my list: DVD Extended Collector's Edition DVD Soundtrack Activist Survival Guide 2011 Calendar Jake Sully keyring Samson helicopter display hanger Folder with 300+ and growing HD images Desktop background Mobile phone wallpaper
  8. illuminavi

    Avatar Chess

    Ditto, it's very expensive. I wonder if Ravensburg will bring something like this out when they start releasing the toys for the sequels I know they're expecting to make lots of puzzle like stuff so maybe??
  9. illuminavi

    Avatar Chess

    This is the shit... it's also freakin expensive http://www.skymall.com/shopping/detail.htm?pid=203635851&c=203339580
  10. illuminavi

    James Cameron joins Twitter

    @JimCameron Considering he only joined 6 hours ago he already has over 16,000 followers!!
  11. I filled the survey in last night and I'm glad to see it's been posted here! Hopefully something will come of it
  12. illuminavi

    Sony PSP2 Annonced

    True it doesn't look that much different design wise, but I'm guessing it might be slightly smaller than the original. My bro plays the PSP but it's not my cup of tea really. Pass me an Xbox anyday, considering I've never even played on one!
  13. illuminavi

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Welcome to the forum Autumshire, that's a wonderful username you have! How did you come up with it? Hope you have a good time here, please feel free to give me a shout if you need any help and you can follow me on Twitter too if you're a fellow tweeter Enjoy your stay!
  14. Didn't know this. Good on him! I'm not ready for Avatar 2 or 3 quite yet because I'm still running through all the aspects and possibilities of the first. It's far too early to bring us a sequel yet for that reason. Too much in one go is like having a huge cake on your place and eating it all at once. It's too much for one sitting. Definitely looking forward to finding out more info about what will be in store though. We are well aware of the release dates (approx) and the theme being based somewhat in Pandora's oceans too, but we also know that the forest will not be missed out completely. What I'm more interested in finding out now is what creatures he's going to explore under the water and whether we will see any new creatures on the land.
  15. illuminavi

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Aww no problem