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  1. SC-Wooden

    Guess the next poster

    Correct Shadow
  2. SC-Wooden

    US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists

    What he is doing is a great thing and the US government are embarassed about it and trying to pick out something to prosecute people. What I say is: Don't say it if you didnt want it released. Stupid fools it deserves them right that they are finally being shown in full body to us
  3. SC-Wooden

    What's currently on your mind?

    My Math Results released next Thursday
  4. SC-Wooden

    3D vs 2D Movies. What is the future?

    I agree avatar finally brought 3D to a point were you came out and you said WOW but will we ever feel that in our homes watching avatar in 3D I don't think it would have the same effect and I wouldnt want to watch the news in 3D either would be pointless
  5. SC-Wooden


    Welcome Hawk nice to have you onboard
  6. SC-Wooden

    Need Some Computer Help

    You can get Pop-Up Blockers installed for free and my Mozilla FF automatically blocks all pop-ups untill I review them
  7. SC-Wooden

    Capital Punishment

    I think there should be a normal court case where Capital punishment cannot be passed. If the judge and jury feels the person is a further threat to the lives of others then they should pass the case to a Court Of Special Appeal where indeed the people are tried for their lives. That way the Jury would obviously not find a 86 Yr old who defended herself as a threat to public and she wont be refered to Court Of Special Appeal Just my idea
  8. Remember To Tell Your Friends about AP

    1. cmb


      Not just on the internet, but in real life too. :smile:

  9. SC-Wooden

    Capital Punishment

    Yh totally its ridiclous that someone can murder someone get jailed for "life" which in normal terms means the tax payer pays for a low life to watch TV and enjoy heat, bed and hot food and then be released in a few years Ridiclous and sick
  10. SC-Wooden

    Capital Punishment

    So, What do we all think of Captital Punishment (Death Penalty) I think it needs brought back in. Lower crime rates and almost 80% of people who leave jail go straight back in proving ths system isnt working. Do onto others as you would have done onto you as it says in Bible if you kill prepared to be killed is my stance on it Discuss
  11. They are just people who seek attnetion. I would like to see them write a Script the quality of Avatar and execute it then I might consider giving them a shadow of my thought but untill then they are just another bunch of bashers on the internet Wooden
  12. SC-Wooden

    Oh boy.. Our Search Results and Keywords

    Ha ha Nipple Good Stats
  13. SC-Wooden

    If Avatar was rated R...

    They would not make as much money and probably would get the wrong end of the Publicity Scale
  14. SC-Wooden

    Dr.Grace Augustine - Like her or hate?

    Probably the most complex character in the film and when she died you definitely did feel a part of the movie was missing Wooden
  15. SC-Wooden

    3D vs 2D Movies. What is the future?

    I think 3D is definitely the future for films but I honestly cannot see it replacing 2D TV with 3D TV I wouldnt see the advtantage in having everything in 3D partly because the glasses are annoying Although the new Nintendo DS is coming out with 3D without wearing glasses so that could change a lot. So in a short part: 3D is the future for films and not for TV Wooden