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    avatar soundtrack

    I bought the AVATAR soundtraack and when I listen to it, it makes me happy and when it is the battle music iit fills me with adrenalin does anyone else feel this way?
  2. Am I the only one who has AVATAR dreams? I just want to know. If you do please tell me about them.
  3. amitiri

    hello AVATAR FANS

    hello fellow AVATAR enthusiasts I am an AVATAR freak in my school everyone refers to me as amitiri (my pandoran name) and I am saving my money to buy a material poster from a shop and it's from the cinema, I went to see AVATAR twice when it first came out and when it was re-released! I love all AVATAR things and I just wanted to share this with the world, please check out my fan-fiction netiris' child as if I get enough likes/comments I will write a sequal plus I have a role-play called Li'ona clan please join it!
  4. just launched a new website www.peopleofpandora.spruz.com please join and it is free!!

  5. just launched a new website www.peopleofpandora.spruz.com please join and it is free!!

  6. amitiri

    avatar soundtrack

    I know right? I mean the music is just so different which makes it exciting.
  7. amitiri

    does anyone else have AVATAR dreams?

    ow unlucky I have an Ikran called Torren and sometimes my partner Touk'kay pops up! lucky me. If you want AVATAR dreams then try thinking about it before sleeping and also try making up an ikran then make up a whistle mine is a 'hoo-ah' noise that goes high at the end, then in you dream call out the noise that you made and see what happens, that's how I got my Ikran and every night (or almost) If I call out the noise my Ikran just appears, cool heh?
  8. amitiri

    Nitiris' Child

    I wake up early; Netiri is still asleep and holding Ralu in her arms. I quietly run up the spiral branches and up out into the top branches of Hometree. I whistle out and my Ikran swoops down out of nowhere. I pull my flight piece onto my head and into place. I link with my Ikran and we fly out into the morning sky. The wind whips my hair back, and I laugh out loud as my Ikran does a double turn. We fly under a waterfall and get drenched, but the wind soon pushes off any water droplets. I fly back to Hometree. Netiri is awake and walking in the passages, “Where have you been?” She questions me. “I was out flying,” I say and smile at Ralu, who smiles back at me through long, dark eyelashes. Neitiri smiles too. “You should have woken me up.” She says to me, “I would have come with you.” “You cannot fly with Ralu!” I say. “You are right,” Neitiri replies, “What was I thinking?” she starts to sob. “Hey, don’t do that!” I say alarmed and wipe the tears off her face. “It’s just..I need to be....so..much more careful” she splutters through tears. I don’t know what to do so I hug her, she grips me tightly, and I hold her close. When she stops I say, “Let’s go and show Ralu the world.” I say to Netiri and she takes my hand in hers and we walk out into Pandora.
  9. amitiri

    Nitiris' Child

    It was night time in Pandora, all of the forest was lit up in purples and blues. Jake and Netiri were running bouncing of the springy ground which lit up they touched it. They watched the little flying lizards whirring overhead, Neitiri was clutching a small bundle to her chest. It was her newborn child Ralu, she smiled at Jake fondly, they were running to their childs ceremony, where the people welcome a new being into life. Ralus' tail was wrapped around Netiris' arm, and starring up at her with grreinsh golden eyes. "Calm gentle one, calm." Netiri spoke to Ralu. As they approached Hometree, the whole clan seated or standing was waiting for them. As soon as they walked in eager faces were closing in trying to catch a glimpse of Netiris' bundle. Olo' eyktan and the Tsahik were smiling at them. Jake stroked Ralus' face and kisse her fore-head. "I see you." said Olo' eyktan to Jake and Netiri Every Na'vi gathered round and touched Ralu one by one. After the ceremony, Jake and Netiri went up to their plant hammocks and slept Ralu slept with Netiri. ***** Jake woke up early and went down the spiral passage to a small room to eat, he picked up a ki'ong and bit into it, the juice was sweet and refreashing. "Kaltxi Jake," Netiri said and walked into the room, carrying Ralu. "I see you." Replied Jake and walked over to Ralu. "Isn't she beutiful?" Netiri smiled. "Yes, she has your beutiful face." Jake replied, just at this moment of tenderness K'han walked in. K'han was one of Jakes best friends and a good hunter. "Seykxel si nitram!" He smiled, then he met Jakes' eyes. Jake had the look of 'you skxawng you ruined it!' K'han picked up some nuts and berries and walked out of the room. "Lets go and see Eywa." Jake took Netiri's hand and they left. ***** When they arrived at The Tree Of Souls they took a handful of the glowing purple strings and linked. 'Thank you Eywa for Ralu' Jake thought, he looked over at Netiri, 'oh she's just too beutiful.' he thought and took her head in his hands and kissed her. 'Yes' thought Jake still linked, 'Thoank you for everything.' -x- If you would like to hear more of this story please mail me.
  10. amitiri

    Nitiris' Child

    Introducing Netiris' Child Part Two, it took me all night to write so I hop you enjoy.
  11. amitiri


    lets hop so! ^_^ I believe that the next 2 will be great, I bet the actors/actresses will be exhauseted if they're being filmed back 2 back!
  12. amitiri


    I think that AVTAR 2 may be coming out in 2014 and AVATAR 3 in 2016 it's just what I heard and I also think that There sould be an open audition for children/teenagers to maybe get a part in AVATAR as 'netiris' child' if she ever had one, just an idea.
  13. amitiri

    hello AVATAR FANS

    I have the wii game the DS game and a mental game! LOL! I play it my head in my dreams as well I am a na'vi and have my own banshee called Torren like in my rp! I love my AVATAR dreams! (when I get them!)
  14. amitiri


    yeah it sounds pretty cool, but we'll all have to wait to find out, lets hop that the films are not big let-downs!
  15. amitiri

    avatar soundtrack

    I don't know but I still love mine and It's on my ipod! Please comment on my Li'ona clan rp as it has been updated so it's easier to join in.
  16. I think that google translator should have a na'vi translator so It works the same way as e.g. english to spainish but instead english to na'vi does anyone else agree?
  17. it would be cool to make a virtual na'vi creator and let people walk their na'vi around Pandora and meet other na'vi people!
  18. please join my role-play it's called Li'ona clan rp

  19. amitiri

    Li'ona clan role-play

    I have made a clan role-play called Li'ona clan rp and I would really like some people to join please join if you are interested!
  20. amitiri

    L'ioni clan rp

    I hear my sister scream, I feel blood on my hands, I sky-person shot her! I scream out into the night.... I flinch and shake my head. I never wish to go back to remembering that fateful day. I land in the top branches of my Hometree and unlink with Torren. "Calm boy, calm," I say as he felt my upset and anger too. I walk down the spiral branches and call out for someone to answer me.
  21. amitiri

    L'ioni clan rp

    I walk through the lush forest of Pandora, the ground lights up at my touch, name: amitiri gender:female age:21 eye colour:greeny brown weapon: bow and arrow with read banshee tail scale feathers at either end hairstyle: black braids with a green feather behind left ear accsessories: brown vine flight headpice with violet lens
  22. amitiri

    L'ioni clan rp

    I call out 'hoo-ah' into the wind, a my beutiful purple-green ikran Torren comes slashing out of the sky. I link with him and soar upwards into the sky. I became a hunter, one of the people yesterday. I fly back to my Hometree. I am a part of the Li'ona clan, we are few because sky-people attacked us for fun. It was cruel and they had no reason. I swear I will get revenge as they killed my sister Ralu. I can never forget that day, the trees falling all around us "Ralu!" I scream out I cannot find her I fumble around in the dark reaching for her hand. I cannot find it. "Help me Amitiri!"
  23. amitiri

    cool thanator video

    one of my friends posted this to me I just want to share it to the world.
  24. amitiri

    Finding out your name in Navi

    I just made up my own, I used my real name 'amy' and combined it with a pandoran name 'netiri' and I got 'amitiri' cool heh? It's worth a try if you don't get anything you like in a computer translater.
  25. I would go as the RDA but I would get myself an avatar body and then sneak away and ask some of the scientists to pretend I got eaten then join the na'vi, I would never kill or injure anybody except the RDA as I hate them, I would only join so that I could get to Pandora.