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Announcing AvatarMeet.com, and we need your help!

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It is beginning!

We are proud to announce that AvatarMeet.com has gone live. AvatarMeet includes pictures, videos and information from past meetups, as well as current up-to-date information about the future meetups. As we get closer to the next meetup, all new updates will be posted on the site including maps, events, hotel,




, surveys, and other important information. Important updates will be sent out via the newsletter, as well as placed on AvatarMeet.com. Feel free to check out the site: AvatarMeet.com.


We need your help!

The planning team would like everyone's input and suggestions about the meetup.These surveys are of course optional, but this is a great opportunity to help us figure out events and to give us your opinion. There are 3 surveys. Please only fill out the one that pertains to you.

The surveys are, of course, located on AvatarMeet.com

- Avatar Meet 2012 organizing team.

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