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Hi everyone this is who and what I am...

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I am a major science fiction and fantasy geek and loved Avatar as a result although I do find it's political message  troubling more on that latter.


I was for a long time a Naviblue member until y political views got me in hot water with some Mods whom finally after years of trying they managed to impose restrictions so severe on me I was for all intended purposes banned. I had a pretty successful Star Wars RP going on that  board too that after I was forced to leave faltered and collapsed and after a year the whole board did because of the PC restrictions by that little group of mods. So please if you haven't already never go PC as that is the same as going full retard.


OK now let me explain my political views and why so many people cannot tolerate it. I am an Anarchist, an Anarchocapitalist to be exact. A voluntarist. someone whom does not believe in the state,do not believe in rulers or overlords telling us what to think, say or do, I believe in self ownership, free markets and the non aggression principle.


I also believe that is through voluntarism, education and not coercion that we can save this world and mankind. Now this is  where my beef with the political message of Avatar resides.


In the movie it showcases capitalism as being the villain but t's factually wrong on many levels first that RDA s not a product of a free enterprise market but of corporatism, corporations in bed with government AKA as the state.  A more  precise term for corporatism is fascism.


Also greed is not the problem as much as Statism which is what enabled RDA to become what it became and allowed it to do what they did. In a true free society with a free enterprise market no such corporations would even exist as they would destroy themselves and no one would bail them out.


In hindsight if you want to look at what a stateless society looks like look no further than Pandora itself. The Na'vi are very much a stateless society and guess what? For 1000s of years so where we. Now before anyone goes and says that only thanks to Statism we have progressed that's not necessarily the case. Necessity not Statism, not overlords nor bureaucrats is what drives invention and innovation.


Also I have to point out (and please any complaints take them to Cameron as he made the film not me) that it's obvious that mankind is all but doomed and probably extinct by the time of the sequels I know people get upset over this but again it's how Cameron portrayed it.


Now that all that's out of the way, let me know If I'm welcome or not. If you welcome me I'll post all kinds of interesting topics and maybe restart that Star Wars RP too and even  crossover Rps, if not I'll leave peacefully and never come back.


I await your response.

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