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Jah'nui Tsamsiyu

Kaltixi Peseng Oeya Tsmúkans si Tsmukés!

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Hello There My Brothers and Sisters! How are you all?

My name is Jah'nui Tsamsiyu, but my real name is Orick Zavanda, and I'm very glad to be a new member of Avatar Prime!!!avarofl.gif

I am no newbie to Avatar forums in general, I am also part of Avatar-Forums.com as well as Avatarthemovieforum.com where I am a moderator there.

I came to Avatar Prime because, I have heard from numerous members here, that it is less hectic and less confusing than such forums as Avatar-Forums.com, and its obvious to me that they were right!

I absolutely love Avatar, and I think my "times watched" Avatar count is in the 200's somewhere, haha.

In fact, I was chosen from my other forum (avatarthemovieforum.com) by a reporter from TheDailyBeast.com to right an article, explaining Avatar's Re-Release in theaters, and I was called a "Super Fan" by the reporter!

You may read my article here: http://www.thedailyb...se-reviews.html

Anyways, I've really been trying hard to learn the tongue of the Na'vi, and I have made some good progress so far.

Tsun nga tslolam oe?

And since it's New Year's Day, I've created a picture for you all to enjoy!


Happy New Year's to you all and I hope to talk with you all soon! Kiyevame! avarofl.gif

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Hey Orick! AP is currently in 'sleep mode' until Avatar 2.. but im here daily to check up on things and keep it as spam free as i can..

look around, get a feel and read some Fanfics if you want.. if you need help message me

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Hey, Its Orick (Jah'nui Tsamsiyu)

I tried to PM you (Spartan) , but I had gotten a message back that said, "that this user can not receive any more messages."

I truly hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting here again, as I do not Intend to, but please accept my apologies if I am not supposed to be posting at this time.

I got your reply back from my "Introduce Yourself" Thread.

I just wanted to ask you to clarify as best you can, what "Sleep Mode" entails.

Again, I'm new here so I'm just curious! :smile:

Two more years is a long time to be dormant, but I can understand, greatness is only achieved with time and effort!

Thanks Spartan, I look forward to hearing back from you, as well as meeting you, as you seem like a very helpful person.

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Huh.. guess i need to erase some messages.. :tongue: the only real important rules are the ones in the Rule Index, other then that it doesnt matter much.. but dont push it :tongue:

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