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The Losers (Quick Review)

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The following review is presented in the format originally used for "Alice in Wonderland" by Shadow82x.

Here is my review of "Losers" featuring it's pros and cons. I went to see it Friday, 23 April 2010.

Overall I would rate this movie an 5.0 (out of 10)

The Good:

-Plot: Weak but entertaining.

-Graphics/FX: Explosions and use of ordinance was less than perfect but visually acceptable. Not first rate for sure.

-Zoe Saldana's performance: Her acting was good, just the script was lacking, but then again, this movie seemed like it was a mix of parody and action from a comic book sort of style. Not sure if that makes sense, you tell me.

-The rest of the cast, were actually entertaining and I think pretty well cast, but then again, I refer to the script, it could of been better, even for a action/comedy/comic whatever it was supposed to be.

-Supports: Only 2D

-Movie score: The music I thought was one of the highlights, some of the songs they chose I thought complimented the movie well.

-One last comment...the website for the movie is really good...love the scope shooting while the site loads...give it a shot. =)

And that was the good stuff...

The Bad:

-Unbelievable action sequences for one, even a movie like this should be close to reality, in my opinion.

-Bad guy was just plain stupid, although the guy they got to play him did a fine job with the lines that he had, so I don't blame the actor. The villain just wasn't evil enough. I would of thought he'd been more hands on, as far as villains go.

-Character development was predictable right done to the traitor, I wont say more just in case you go see it.


This was a matinee movie at best. It was both funny and entertaining and that is all I walked in the door with for expectations so I got what I paid for in a ticket. Strange thing about this movie, based on the current trailer for "The Expendables" I think the "Losers" may be the better movie, but I won't know that for sure till I see "The Expendables" of course.

I wish I had better news, but don't worry, Iron Man isn't far off. I have very high expectations for it. =)

Just my opinion,

Aketuan (aka. Ken)

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I had my doubts about this movie too, thanks for giving it a review! :wink:

I still might go see it but I'll definitely wait to do so when it's a lower price.

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