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My thoughts and feelings about the world of Pandora

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Another of the many reasons why I love Avatar is the world of Pandora, basically and simply. I’m gonna explain some reasons why I am fascinated and passionate about this wonderful planet.

The world of Pandora is a totally perfect, beautiful, peaceful and pure world, as well as full of wonders and natural resources, and extraordinary and pretty cool creatures, animals and plants, and despite being dangerous in part, a perfect world to live where and where everything (or almost everything) is possible.

On Pandora there’s all good, positive and perfect of the universe, life and existence, and nothing of the bad and imperfect.
And best of all those good things is that those things are tangible.

In Pandora, all living things are good, pure and respectful of each other, and are connected spiritually, emotionally and in many other ways; there is the wonderful connection that is established between the Na'vi and the animals and plants through Na'vi queues, animals antennas, plant leaves and roots, etc.; communication between Na'vi, animals and plants is tangible; divinity is tangible and miracles exist, because Eywa, the goddess who created Pandora and governs it, helps and accompanies tangibly and she always (or almost always) answers prayers, and always intercedes for the Na'vi and all living things; the Na'vi are a pure race, educated, worthy of admiration and respect, generous, respectful, etc. who love, respect and care for their world and its living things and is proud to exist and live and their world, and their culture is very cool, nice and interesting, etc.; in Pandora, animals and plants and all living things are loved, respected and cared of; although the Na'vi hunt for food, they venerate and respect their prey and regret and thank the hunting and all of that; even if there are dangerous animals that try to kill and to eat the Na'vi, they still respect them and are even willing to die with honor trying to join that class of animals and tame them; Pandora's environment (forests, floating rocks, etc.) is a visual beauty and wonder, both day and night by the bioluminescence; the ambience of Pandora is full of love, purity, perfection, connection, etc.; and many more good and perfect things

Then, what does not exist in Pandora are evil, negativity, hatred, bad people, wars, injustice, poverty, homelessness, pollution (environmental, acoustic, etc..), negative terms, bad actions, fights between people , etc.
And that's very, very good.

All of this and more is what I think of Pandora, of all living things that inhabit it and everything which is in it.
Having said all of that, it is understandable the amount of messages in the film, and it is also understandable that some people say that Pandora is like Heaven or like the Garden of Eden or any wonderful and utopian place.

For me, Pandora is the best planet in the entire universe and the best all life and existence can make.
Besides that is another of the many reasons why I love Avatar, I must say that is the kind of world that is in my dreams and where I want to live; like some fans, I want to live in Pandora, and I have dreams, thoughts, depression and sadness for wanting to live there, do what it can do there and feel what it's like there.

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