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Dreaming Of Pandora

'Technology Buzz' to 'Science and Technology'

Have the Technology forum renamed?  

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  1. 1. 'Technology Buzz' to 'Science and Technology'?

    • "Sounds logical" - Yeah!
    • No newbie your opinion is worthless lol
    • Just make a science thread
    • Meh

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To the admins (who I don't know yet :sad:),

I know I've only been here for little less than 6 hours but I was wondering if AP can follow the footsteps of ToS and change the 'Technology Buzz' forum to 'Science and Technology'. Im an amateur astronomer and I regularly post astronomy (and other science) theads on ToS but Im a little confused where to post such here. If renaming the Technology thread is out of question then maybe making a separate science thread? If none are possible then I guess I'll post in the next best alternative.

Glad to be here,

- Chris/DoP

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