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Hello! :wink:

I'm Tah Zonemaster, Robert in real life. Some people call me "Seedjee", but it's not an English name. :tongue: Avatar is a great movie, so I joined this forum. :smile: My favorite bands/artists are Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine, Skillet, Rise Against, Holleywood Undead, Akon, Fall out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Dead by April, Christ Brown, Nickelback, Eminem and Three Days Grace. :smile: Any questions? ;D

~Tah Zonemaster

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Welcome to AvatarPrime! What do you think of Mike Portnoy leaving Avenge Sevenfold? :smile:

Thanks! :wink: It really sucks that he's leaving. He's a great drummer. :smile:

Welcome to AP. Whats your favorite Avatar scene?

Thanks :tongue: The scene at the beginning, when he's trying to run.

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