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Alternate soundtracks?

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After browsing the net for the Avatar soundtrack I came across some various soundtracks that are available to buy, but I want to get your opinion on them, which are official merchandise, and which ones people have/would recommend.

Avatar OST

1. You don't dream in cryo 06:09

2. Jake enters his avatar world 05:25

3. Pure spirits of the forest 08:50

4. The bioluminescence of the night 03:37

5. Becoming one of "The People" Becoming one with Neytiri 07:44

6. Climbing up "Iknimaya - The Path To Heaven" 03:18

7. Jake's first flight 04:50

8. Scorched earth 03:32

9. Quaritch 05:01

10. The destruction of Hometree 06:47

11. Shutting down Grace's lab 02:48

12. Gathering all the Na'vi clans for battle 05:14

13. War 11:22

14. I See You [Theme from Avatar] (Leona Lewis) 04:21

2CD Deluxe Version includes the following bonus tracks

15. Pandora 03:17

16. Viperwolves Attack 03:50

17. Great Leonoptryx 01:34

18. Escape from Hellgate 03:25

19. Healing Ceremony 02:21

20. The Death Of Quaritch 05:20

Avatar OST: 2CD Expanded Score, Limited Edition

Disc 1

1. Yon dont dream in cryo

2. Quaritch Speech

3. First Look

4. Real Legs

5. Jake enters his Avatar world

6. Into the Na'vi world

7. Thanator chase Pt1

8. Thanator chase Pt2

9. Pure spirits of the forest

10. Jake meets the Na'vi

11. Na'vi Hometree chant

12. Na'vi Hometree chant 2

13. Jake Sleeps

14. The Plan

15. The Plan (Alt)

16. The Village

17. The Floating Mountains Pt 1

18. The Floating Mountains Pt 2

19. The Floating Mountains Pt 3

20. Becomong One of "The People"

21. Night Iridescence

22. Climbing Up Iknimaya

23. Jakes First Flight

24. Intro

25. Great Leonoptryx

26. A Man of my Word

27. Mated for Life

28. Scorched Earth

Disc 2

1. Quaritch Pulls the Plug

2. No reasoning

3. Quaritch Speech

4. Quaritch

5. The Destruction of Hometree

6. Shutting Down Grace's Lab

7. Escape from Hellgate

8. Help for Grace

9. Bonding with Leonoptryx

10. Funeral Chant

11. Prayers for Grace

12. Grace's Death

13. Gathering the Na'vi Clans for Battle

14. Battle Plan

15. Jake prays to Eywa

16. War

17. The Battle Contnues

18. Quaritch Down

19. Fight to the Death

20. A New Beginning

21. Quaritch Takes Over

22. Jake's first flight (End Credits Edit)

23. Gathering the Na'vi Clans (End Credits Edit)

Avatar OST: 5CD Complete Soundtrack - commercially unavailable, promotional only?

Disc 1:

1m1 - You Don't Dream In Cryo

1m4 - Quaritch Speech

1m5 - First Look

1m5 - Unused

2m0 - Unused

2m1 - Avatar Legs

2m1- Jake Enters His Avatar World

2m2 - Into the Na'vi World (CD Mix)

2m2 - Into the Na'vi World

2m2 - Unused Orig Demo

2m2 - Unused Redo

2m3a - Exploring

2m3b - Thanator Chase

3m1 - Excerpt

3m1 - Pure Spirits of The Forest (CD Mix)

3m1 - Pure Spirits of The Forest

3m1 - Viperwolves

3m2 - Jake Meets the Na'vi

3m3 - Na'vi Hometree Chants

3m3 - Unused

3m5 - Sleep (Less Tinkly)

3m5 - Sleep

xxxx - The Bioluminescence Of The Night (not used)

Disc 2:

4m1 - The Plan

4m2 - The Village - Jake's First Ride

4m2 - v815ish

4m3a - The Floating Mountains Pt. 1

4m3b - The Floating Mountains Pt. 2a

4m3c - The Floating Mountains Pt. 2b

4m3d - The Floating Mountains Pt. 3

4m4 - Becoming One of The People (CD Mix)

4m4 - Becoming One of The People (Vocal Version)

4m4 - Becoming One of The People

4m4 - Lessons 1 (Unused)

4m5 - Unused

4m6 - Night Iridescence

5m1 - Climbing Up Iknimaya (CD Mix)

5m1 - Climbing Up Iknimaya

5m1r - Climbing Up Iknimaya (Alt)

5m2 - Filmend (Orig Ending)

5m2 - Flight of the Banshee (Orig Pts 1 & 2)

5m2 - Jake Flies His Banshee

5m2 - Jake Gets His Banshee

5m2a - The Hunt

5m3 - Intro

5m3 - Leonopteryx

Disc 3:

6m1 - (used instead of 6m1)

6m1 - Unused

6m2 - A Man of My Word

6m4 - Jake & Neytiri (unused)

6m4 - Mated For Life

6m5 - Scorched Earth (Alt)

6m5 - Scorched Earth

6m6 - Scorched Earth (Alt)

6m6b - Quaritch Pulls The Plug

6m7 - No Reasoning

6m8 - Quaritch Speech (from cue 1M4)

7m1 - Quaritch (unused)

7m1 - The Skypeople Are Coming

7m2 - Hometree Destruction (CD Mix)

7m2 - Hometree Destruction (End Choir Alt)

7m2 - Hometree Destruction (Pickup)

7m3 - Long End P-U

7m3 - Shutting Down Grace's Lab

7m3 - With Ethnic Voice

7m4 - The Escape (Film Version)

7m4 - The Escape

Disc 4:

8m1 - Help for Grace (Extra Percussion)

8m1 - Help for Grace

8m2 - Bonding With Leonoptryx (Child)

8m2 - Bonding With Leonoptryx

8m3 - Funeral Chant (Sweetener)

8m3 - Funeral Chant

8m4 - Prayers for Grace (Alt)

8m4 - Prayers for Grace

8m5 - Grace's Death (Percussion)

8m5 - Grace's Death

8m6 - Gathering the Na'vi Clans

8m7 - Quaritch Takes Over

9m1a - Unused

9m1b - Battle Plan

9m2 - Jake Prays to Eywa (Alt)

9m2 - Jake Prays to Eywa

9m3 - War (alt end)

9m3 - War

Disc 5:

9m4 - The Battle Continues

9m5 - Insert

9m5 - Quaritch Down (Alt Open)

9m5 - Quaritch Down

10m1 - Fight to the Death (Insert)

10m1 - Fight to the Death (Original Start Only)

10m1 - Fight to the Death

10m2 - A New Beginning

10m3 - Eyes Open

10m4 - I See You (Theme From Avatar)

10m5 - Jake's First Flight End Credit Edit

10m6 - Gathering The Na'vi Clans End Credit Edit

Total duration: 04:50:33

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I can only find it being sold on eBay buy some guy who has sold tons of them so I'm not sure if it's legit or not. His feedback is good (even on the many 5cd sets he's sold) so not sure whether to risk it or not.

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That's a good idea actually, I think I will. He's currently selling it for £19.99 and £1 postage.


The picture of the actual item looks pretty legit, with the Avatar logo on etc, but is it easy enough for someone to reproduce those and the booklets themselves if they have the right equipment? I know the album inlays are easy enough to make and there's a few different versions of these available for the 5cd set online, so I'm not too sure.

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It doesn't look legit to me at all...

When we look at the "cover" of the 5 disc set it seems rather home made to me. No sound track sold past the 1990's that I've seen states "FIVE CD'S". And the image used looks like a photoshoped version of the original movie poster.


But... I could be wrong. Just wait untill you have recieved word from the other buyers to be sure. I'd stick with the two disc package but you never know. The 5 disc could be a collectors item...

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I meant the picture of the actual item, if you look closey the cover doesn't have 'Five CD's' on it, however! One of the people I contacted who had bought this item has brought more light on the subject.

Your misgiving is right!

This Album from visualent isnt a genuine item.

The CDs are Blank-Discs and are printed very good, the Covers, too.

I have checked the background of the Audio-Files, that visualent have used. (TAU-Analyzer)

It were MPG-Coding Files. So for example MP3-Files. Prabably the Files that rotate in the internet!

Therefore lossy and horrible in comparison with the original One-CD-Score!

I hope i could help you.

If you know a source for lossless Data, please let me know!

Best regards, Stthiel

So yeah, it is a fake with very good printing! Knew it was too good to be true. Where can I buy the Deluxe edition from, with the 2 CD's? I have looked for this but it's going for about £26, as far as I can see. The basic OST is only £4.49 so I don't know whether to just go for that and download the missing bonus tracks that the Deluxe version offers on CD2. Hmmm, decisions!

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Just a quick update with another user from eBay who got back to me today with the following;


I ask you to excuse my very bad English ! You can buy without hesitation with visualent, it's not a swindle and cd is very well. I was satisfied by my transaction(deal) with this salesman. I hope to have been able to help you!

Kind regards,


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Well that's a bit confusing isn't it? Be carefull too. Some users who sell bogus items also have several accounts that they use to fool people with. Giving false possitive feedback in order to fool others.

I never buy things on eBay. Too risky.

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I'm always buying stuff off there, mostly little things though like batteries and covers for phones. I'm wary when I buy other stuff like DVD's and CD's and bigger stuff, but I'm always careful to buy from top rated sellers or those who have shops. Never shop with anyone with less that 500 feedback or less than 95% positive feedback hehe. That's why I was thinking about going with this guy, but will wait to see what other feedback I get first and like I said before I'll probably just end up going for the original.

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