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Hey guys, I have proposed to admin that we should alter the layout of the forum categories and sub-forums to make it slightly easier to navigate but before we change anything we want to get your opinions because after all, you guys are what make this site what it is and we wouldn't want to upset you.

I have proposed to take out the sub-forums within forums (such as Avatar in the News) and to jiggle around and merge some of the forums together. Take a look at the layout I have suggested and let us know what you think. Would it be better or worse for you? Do you have any better ideas? Your input is what matters most and without it we don't know what you want, so please don't hesitate to post and let us know. There is no right or wrong answer.

Avatar Prime

~ Announcements & Rules

Announcements, updates, and rules for the forum.

~ Introduce Yourself

You’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re on Pandora AvatarPrime.

~ General Help (or) Suggestions & Feedback

Technical questions, concerns, or feedback? Ask here.

Avatar Discussion

~ General Discussion

Avatar related discussions, questions, polls, etc.

~ Avatar In The News

Avatar related news articles and resources.

~ Sequels

Avatar sequel discussions, questions, polls, etc.

~ Behind The Scenes

Discuss the plot, script, technology, production, etc.

~ Characters

From Jake to sky people, discuss your favourite characters.

~ Pandora

Discuss Pandora’s beauty, life, creatures, etc.

~ Na’vi Language

Tsun oe nga-hu n-Navi pivngkxo a f-u oe-ru prrte lu.

Fan Work

~ Fan Fiction

Avatar related fictional stories.

~ Fan Media

Avatar related fan videos, artwork, poems, etc.

~ Role Play

Create your own character and join in the RP fun.

~ General Fan Art

All non-Avatar related fan work.

Off Topic

~ Anything Goes

Non-Avatar related discussions about yourself, life, etc.

~ Media & Entertainment

Flms, TV shows, music, books, video games, sports, etc.

~ Science & Technology

From computing to science, it all can go here!

~ News & Politics

Non-Avatar related news and current events.

~ Games & Activities

Word associations, ABC games, etc.

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Thanks for your feedback guys, does anybody else have any opinions or questions on this?

we need that Pandora one. :smile:

After I've started reading the Activist Guide I definitely agree that we DO need this! :huh: There is sooooo much to talk about RE Pandora :smile:

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