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It's AvatarPrime's Birthday!

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Dear AvatarPrime Members,

Hard to believe that we've been here only a year. Today, March 1st I am proud to announce it is AP's first birthday. Nearly 1 year ago we started the site for the popular movie Avatar, after being displeased with how other Avatar community sites were being handled at the time. (Along with personal interest.) Since then the site has evolved quite a few times, changes were made to staff, and great friendships were formed.

We've also recently been inspired to write up our own "A Year in Review", of all the site accomplishments our phenomenal team has made during the year. Without further ado', lets start the time machine!

post-2-0-92851700-1298950748_thumb.png post-2-0-33428400-1298951100_thumb.png post-2-0-07523000-1298951106_thumb.png


- February 25th: Initial site planning and drafts took place

- February 28th: Domain and web hosting bought

- March 1st: Public webpage up, with a splash page

- March 5th: Initial team established, marketed campaign initiated

- March 7th: Site went live and the splash page was removed!

- April 3rd: Our first custom theme went live with positive feedback from the community

- May 17th: Large upgrade to IPB3.1 with new features like link sharing, topic previews, and multiple status updates

- August 17th: New Custom Theme "Pandora Night" available

- September 13th: Partnership with Tree-of-Souls and Avatar-Forums initiated connecting the most successful Avatar Fan Forums!


- January 3rd: Team Restructuring Took Place

- March 1st (TODAY!): New Custom Theme Made From Scratch Released, new gallery launched, new features added like an updated donation system and ability to view new replies to your posts.


In the near future we plan on creating multiple variations for the theme we just released. We will also be preforming a software upgrade which will offer additional enhancements to the theme, a new forum editor, and many other things. In addition to cosmetic stuff we also plan on boosting our content quality by performing interviews, launching a CMS homepage, and much more. Stay tuned and look at the announcement forum. Were always looking for new ways to innovate.


As you can see its been quite a year. We hope to make the next year just as exciting with mind-blowing features and exclusive content. And of course we must thank every member here - without them there would be no site!

as always: vewng frapo,

- AvatarPrime Team

Special Note: Just to clarify something. We do not plan on removing our old "Pandora Night" theme anytime soon. So if you are a fan of the white on black themes, feel free to use it. We are also creating a black on white varation of the new "Neytiri Blue" theme. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for all the well wishes guys but we honestly could not have done it without all of you registering on here and posting so give yourselves all a big pat on the back.

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Happy Birthday to AVATAR PRIME! I've only joined a few days ago, guess I lucked out on the site's birthday ha!

I must say, this site rocks and I've only been around for a couple days, guess I'm going to stick around for years :smile: I want to see this community grow! And hopefully further use of the Na'Vi language will be present here as well, it would be nice if more than half of the members here chat in Na'Vi!

best of wishes to AP!

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