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Well... Here we are again. I'm going to lay down a few ground rules before we start and I want you goofs to follow them.

1) Foul language is permitted with the exception of sexual descriptions (i.e. sex scenes)

2) Keep the RP RELEVENT to the Avatar mythos, that means you cannot introduce things from other fanchises

3) No "godmoding", that means you cannot take controll of another person's characer without their aproval.

4) This is a story driven RP, one hit kills or mega nukes that blow everything up is just a dick move. Don't do that or I'll whine to shadowx82 and get you banned or something.

5) I am the RPG god, as I created this I have the final say in certain matters. I also require a sacrificial lamb every 7 days.

6) Bitching and whining will NOT be tollerated. If you can't handle what someone says or "does" on the INTERNET, go back to your diapers and breast milk.

7) All conversations or notes you wish to make that do not happen within the story are to be preceded by the following: *OOC* Desired text here. This means Out Of Character.

8) New users can join at any time, provided they create their character in the RPG Characer claim thread.

9) No time skips unless all users are in agreement on the subject.

10) You must read, understand, and follow these guidlines or face death, dissmemberment, humiliation, rape, removal from the RP.

11) Don't go full retard.

Enough about the rules! Let's get to some RPing! I'll first set the story premis for you guys and then we can take it from there.

*The timeframe of this RPG is 3 months after the event's portrayed in the film. There are two different story lines that will be taking place at the same time, both of which will join together as the story progresses. The first story line will be the life of those living on Pandora, Na'vi, Human, and Avatars. The second will be the few remaining researchers aboard the ISV Endeavor Star as it makes it's way to either Pandora, or turns home.*

Serras woke suddenly, his eyes blurred and his entire body ached. Floating in zero - G he remembered where he was. He was on board the ISV Endeavor Star, bound for Pandora. Seras looked around the small cryo bed he was in, it was cold, freezing cold. He started caughing harshly, a large gobule of flegm came from his mouth and floated freely infront of his face. He watched the amorphus blob contort and twist to it's own content. His attention turned from the blob of tissue to the small port by his head, he looked out and saw the technicians going to each cryo bay and preparing them to be released. His view was obstructed by someone's shirt, before he realized it the cryo bed had opened like a large chest of drawrs. The technician looked at Seras and ignored his obviously sickened expression and continued with her routine of checking his vitals and unstraping him. Seras looked to the young women who couldn't have been any older than 23 and said, "'Bout time you folks woke me up, it was starting to get boring in here."

She simply smirked and inverted herself to check on his "room mate". One of his assistants he brought along for technical advise and for someone to talk to. Though he had all but forgotten about Raymond. The normally talkative analyst hadn't said a thing for the entire ten minutes they were waiting to be released from the closed bed. As he grabbed one of the hand rails to pull himself out of the bed he heard the young cryo technicial call out to her superiors, "We've got a sleeping beauty guys... get the med staff in here."

She stopped checking him and moved on to the next cryo bed. The entire bay was sighlent. Seras pulled himself around the bed and looked at his old friend. His body was decaying, it looked like he had been dead for almost a month. Seras lurched and turned away. He went to his storage locker and began opening it when he looked beside it and saw Raymond's locker, shiny name plate and all. Seras firmly grabbed one of the multiple handles around hm and punched his own locker. "Damnit Ray... one month... one fucking month left and you decided to die like some little bitch?" Seras continued to punch his locker, only taking time to pull back his fist and utter "damnit" with each hit. Seras placed his head against his locker and thought out loud, "what a great start to this damn job..."

*OOC* There you go folks, have fun with it!

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Up ahead was Pandora. A green, lush planet, with amazing animal and plant life far superior to that of Earth, and a glowing bioluminescence, more beautiful then anyone had ever seen and an indiginous race unlike any other. The sun was begining to set. Deep within the lush forests, a young Na'vi hunter/warrior made her way through the trees, towards her home...the towering Hometree of the Omaticaya. She lept nimbley from branch to branch, swung across large gaps with ease, all the time watching and listening for any dangers, such as Viperwolves or the ferocious Palulukan. She knew all to well that the forests were dangerous at night. She saw a large gap infront of her and with a graceful leap, she grabbed hold of a branch above her with her right hand and swung across, landing lightly on the other side and carried on running. Eventualy Hometree came into view and she began to slow down eventualy reaching walking speed as she entered the village, greeting her fellow Na'vi as she made her way to the large fire knowing that she was now safe for the night.

*OOC* Hows that? I know its not as long as yours, but im not really used to rp-ing in big chunks heh

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*OOC* Sorry i havent gotten to this, been busy :/

Mike felt a warm hand slap his face gently. He opens his eyes and wiped the ice from his face. "Morning sunshine. Your sentence is up ahead." The woman said as she helped him get out of the cryo bed. "What? No kiss, I'm hurt." Mike said, saracastically. "Haha, not for what you did..." Mike knew what she meant, he had killed countless. But he figured it was the right thing. Mike floated over to his locker. He looked inside, a note of his execution was overruled. Instead, he would do as the United Nations and the RDA wanted, to eliminate any and all people hindering the mining of a mining colony called Pandora. Before he left, Colonel Quaritch requested that he be sent to Pandora, instead of being executed. But Mike knew the Colonel all to well, he didn't care for Mike, or his unnatural skill, but viewed him as another bullet sponge to make himself look better. Mike looked down to see his Lancer floating in the largest portion of the locker, he grabbed it and checked the ammo. Full and ready to go. A large blade was in the place of the chainsaw attachment. He closed his locker and put on a T-shirt with the words "Threat level 1" on it. He floated over near the door to the shuttle, he tethered himself to a handle near the door. He looked over at some guy hitting his locker. Mike ears weren't working yet, he figured it was ice or something, but they would clear soon. "Spartan! You know why your here right?" A man, who out ranked Mike by atleast 5 ranks said, as he floated to the other side of the door. "Yeah." Mike replyed, not wanted to talk to him. "Well Mike, your lucky has run out. Quaritch is dead, thanks to those savages! The UN will get their body, your going to kill them all." The man laughed. "And what if I don't?" Mike replyed, knowing that this man was easily annoyed. "Well, I'll kill you myself and claim you went rouge." The man smiled. Mike knew this man way to well, he was General Falco. The man Mike served under for years, with the now traitor Jake Sully.

"Shuttle to the Surface in 10 minutes!" The intercom rang. "Best get ready murderer. Your allowed to kill people now.. Just know what side you play for!" Falco smiled as he said this. Mike checked his ammo, and made sure the large blade was fixed tightly on the Lancer. His was then told who is main target was. But first he had to get him alone. To make it seem like he died in an accident. He looked at this Pandora out of the small window that was next to him. It showed night time had set. "Tell me Falco, would a warp drive eliminate a large portion of of the surface?" Mike asked, quitely. "In theory, yes. But that kind of thinking got you into this mess." Mike stayed quite and looked out of the window, towards Pandora. All of this just for some rock. He thought

*OOC* sorry it was soo long :sad:

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Opening his locker, Seras reached for his sidearm. He was a sucker for old fashioned firearms. Floating inside the metal box was an old Barretta M9 pistol, alongside his Katana. Seras holstered the firearm and placed the sword on his belt.

A voice came over the cryo bay's intercom. "Attention all passengers and crew, outpost number one, Hell's Gate, has been overun by the native inhabitants and multiple members of the science division. We are going in for an unfriendly welcome. I repeat, hostiles will be present. Arm yourselves and prepare to duck and run," there was a pause, "All members of the research crew, follow Alpha Company, all freelancers, follow Bravo Company, all..."

Seras stopped listening after he heard "freelancers". The large soldiers were lining up in formation with their respective companies. Seras bumped into a soldier and looked up to the large man, he looked as if he had been born into war. After a moment of awkward silence he asked the man where Bravo Company was, he pointed in the direction of a group of about 20 soldiers without saying a word. Seras thanked the man and qickly walked towards the group. "Thank god for artificial gravity" he thought.

He stood with the group as they named off the other freelancers that were suposed to accompany them. He winced when they mentioned Ray and one whispered he was dead. The man leading Bravo Company introduced himself and addressed the group, "My name is General Falco, here's how it is; the Na'vi and the research department have broken off of the RDA and started a war with Hell's Gate and the RDA. Bad news: the RDA lost. Good news: we're going in to regain order. We will be facing heavy oposition from what the intel folks have told me. We are going down prepared for a fight, I want all of you to protect these civilians. That's an order. Now load up in the Valkyrie and prepare to hit the dirt!" The soldiers all let out a triumphant "yes sir".

Seras sat in his seat in the Valkyrie. The immense turbulance of the dense Pandoran atmosphere rocked the shuttle like a rag doll. He could only immagine how his avatar was doing in the cargo shuttle following them.

The shuttle burst through the heavy cloud cover, through the small window at his back he could see the abandoned strip mine. Seras was no eco-freak but it did feel rather unessesary to mine in such an archaic fashion, given that this was the only bit of natural vegetation humans had seen in almost one hundred years.

A soldier stood up and announced over the intercom to the crew, "shuttle to the surface in 10 minutes!" The shuttle bay was then a flurry of activity. Seras sat there and checked his pistol. He checked the action, inserted a full magazine, chambered a round, and held it at the ready. The command to unfasten their harnesses came and every body in the bay stood. Seras was brandishing his pistol in his right hand and was ready to go.

An abnormally large soldier shouted as the runway came into view. "EXOPACKS ON! NOW NOW NOW! ONCE THOSE DOORS OPEN, WE SPRINT FOR THE CARGO ENTRANCE." Seras noticed what looked to be specs on the runway, but from this altitude he had no idea.

The shuttle set down with a loud 'thud' and the large rear bay door swung downwards. Every soldier ran down the ramp and onto the tarmac... only to freeze in their steps. The entire tarmac was host to hundreds of Na'vi wariors, brandishing bows and M60 LMG's. Several soldiers stood in front of the Na'vi wariors. All Bravo Company could do was stand there.

One of the soldiers aproached Falco, the leader of Bravo Company and held out his hand. "Welcome to Pandora. We'd like to debreife you and your men on the recent events that have caused quite a comotion for the RDA." Seras stood in confusion. He holstered his pistol and fell into step with the rest of Bravo Company. As the other shuttles touched down the same thing happened with each of them. Not a single shot was fired.

They all waited in a large auditorium untill a Na'vi warior came up to the podium and addressed them in perfect English. "Ladies and gentalmen, my name is Jake Sully. The RDA lied to you..."

*OOC* Bam! This should make things interesting.... :tongue:

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*OOC* damn it kart, speeding up the process and throwing a wrench into the fold! Heh no problem, this actually give me a chance to have some fun :smile:

Instead of following everyone out of the shuttle, Mike chose to talk with the pilots. "Shit! Na'vi were here waiting for us!" One of the 2 pilots said, visibly worried. Mike looked out of the cockpit to see a handful of tall, blue humanoids with bows and arrows. "Well, this should be fun.." Mike said as he pulled the bolt back on his lancer. He made sure his exopack was secured and walked out of the shuttle. As he walked as he placed his lancer on his back. Nodding to the blue beings closest to him, as if they knew eachother. One stopped him and asked what he was doing outside, so late at night. Mike, thinking quickly, replyed "Uh had to clear my head. Not used to Pandora yet." The warrior nodded and walked away. "Huh, either im a good lier or these guys are dumb as rocks." he thought as he walked towards the base. Once inside, he asked a passing scientist where the control room was. The man looked at him with a 'are you serious?' expression. "Hey man, its late and i havent slept well." Mike said, not entirely lying to the man. "Whatever, its up the stairs to the left." The middle aged man said as he walked away. Mike smiled, no way was he getting this far into enemy territory without a problem, but he wasn't out of the woods yet. He walked past countless human and na'vi on his way towards the control room. He kept his eyes in front of him and away from others. Once inside the control room, he noticed one woman working at a computer. No doubt a Na'vi supporter. Mike walked over to a computer terminal and found a map of the base. Large portions of the map were blinking red with the words "Airlock Breach!" near the areas. He found the armory and the generator room. A human man ran into the control room and yelled "Hey missy! did you hear about the new RDA arrivals?!" The woman replyed "No! Does Jake know?!" The man replyed, getting ahold of himself "Yeah, he brought them all to the main auditorium." The woman nodded and told the man to go make sure no one escapes. Once the man left, Mike looked for this auditorium everyone was in. He hacked into the cameras. He saw everyone there, Falco, that one guy who punched his locker, and his target, Jake Sully. "Huh.." Mike said outloud, forgetting he wasn't alone. "You don't have access to that! Who are you!?" The woman had run over and yelled. "No one you know." Mike replyed before running the large blade threw her abdomen and twisted the blade to make sure she was dead. "And time to move."

He wiped the blood off on the womans clothing and continued towards the armory. He had an idea, blow up the generators then he can help out those captured. He hoped he could find explosives. The base was eerily quite. He quickened his pace and finally made it to the armory. He was lucky and found only three bricks of C4 left and three denotators. He grabbed all three and linked them, one to each detonator. He left one in the armory. He found his way towards the Generator room. It was loud inside, but there was only one man working at a computer within. Before the man had a chance to question him, Mike ran at him and stabbed the man like he did in the control room. He then threw the man off of the blade. Finding the main generator, he place a C4 brick on it and sent the C4 to one of the two remaining detenators. Mike walked out of the room quickly, moving towards to auditorium. He pressed the "Detonate" button on the Generator detonator. A large explosion rocked the base and the lights went out. He then hit the Detonator for the armory. A bigger explosion rocked the base again. "Well, that should do it!" Mike said as he walked threw the base. Once at the auditorium, Mike waited for someone to open the door, once someone did, he stabbed the Navi man in the throat. Quickly moving Mike moved into the room and headed towards General Falco, who he could see dimly in the moonlight. Everyone in the room was looking around. "Told you I would do work." Mike whispered to the General as he cut his restaints. "Damn fine work Spartan!" Falco, quickly ran towards the closest human and killed him. After a fast elimination of the enemies in the room, Mike found no trace of Jake anywhere. "Son of a bitch got away." Mike said, as Falco walked up. "But we regained the base." Falco said, placing a hand on Mike's shoulder. "Oh and the theres a back up generator." he went on to say. After releasing all of the men and women in the room, Mike and Falco began to build a plan to fight the Na'vi once they return to Hells Gate.

*OOC* HA! take THAT kart!

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*OOC* Just use your imagination :smile: read what was posted before you. I pretty much set a bit of everyones part.. like you can discribe what Jake say or does after he returns to hometree or whatever you can come up with :tongue: As for me, ill continue once Kart does

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Back at Hometree, Suy'at sat on one of the higher branches, feeding a peice of meat to her ikran. Suddenly she heard a distant explosion. She stood and walked forward a bit before hearing another muffled explosion, in the direction on the sky people's base. Her ears went down a bit on remembering that her leader Jake Sully had been there. She scanned the skies for any sign untill, at last, his ikran came into view. She patted her ikran's snout then quickly began to make her way down the tree, until she reached the bottom in time to see Jake walking into the center of the village, calling for the clan to gather round to hear what he had to say. Suy'at pushed forward as Jake climbed into a log and turned to face them all, clearly angry and upset "My people!" he began "We are in grave danger. More Sky Peole have come to Pandora and they showed, quite clearly, that they are enemies to us." he paused and looked round at all the faces looking up at him - young, old, male, female- then continued "They will try to take our land, as they tried to do those many moons ago. We must not let them.....this is our land, and we must protect it!!" He threw his fist into the air as he shouted the last part. As he did the other Na'vi whooped and cheered, brandashing their spears and their bows. Suy'at rasied her spear and shouted along with the others.

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